Nail on head.

Tongue in cheek of course. But a gang of valid points towards the people I was referring to here, Gary (is a horrible name.)


Oh and here’s some majorly serious stuff for a change.

Props to eskay for reminding me to post about this Net Neutrality thing – its been bubbling for a minute and I meant to mention it on Friday after peeping it on Crooks & Liars.

In layman’s terms, Davey D breaks it down on his myspace blog, while these people here, here, and here can help guide you with your methods of protest.

This is very important. Don’t sleep.

7 Replies to “Nail on head.”

  1. Point well taken. I actually saw that on TV. Though I like the Daily Show one a little better.

  2. Thanks. Speaking of sports us Yankee dicks actually watch, Shaq was just outscored by the best center in the WNBA.

  3. meh… that was Sunday… tonight is Tuesday, and I fully expect Erica Dampier to get a faceful on nutsack several times tonight(nullus)…


    seriously though… I don’t even really like Miami, but Eastern Conference basketball will always have a special place in my heart (nh), so I’d prefer to see them win than have Cuban running around naked rubbing his willy on the trophy…

    told you that S.Korea game was a banker didn’t I?

  4. beez… they have to reiterate the joke several times so that the people in Alabama can get it (nh)…

    how’s your powweb hosting going by the way? I think I’m about to jump ship…

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