Thank fuck for that…


So I’ve got the guts of this new look sorted out at last. There’s still a few graphical things I want to mess with when I get time, but the basic workings of this thing are now in place and working (I hope.)

If anyone spots anything that looks like shit while they’re here (apart from my mix cds) then please let me know. I know that it looks ok in Internet Explorer and Firefox on a PC, and on Safari on a Mac (as far as I can see.) On IE on a Mac it looks shite, but if you’re on a Mac and you’re using IE you need to be slapped hard anyway – Bill Gates doesn’t like you.

When I can be arsed, I’m also going to toss up a little option to let you switch between this layout and the original blue look that I had going on for the last year or so. I respect the old school y’see. Or something.

Anyways, I’m off to see the Mavs take Game 1. Don’t worry Heat fans – Miami will take Game 2 in Dallas. Remember who said it first.

Oh and peace out to Carrie Gilmer (whoever she is) who decided to invite herself in and register as a writer on this site when I left the backdoor open (no Brokeback) during the layout changeover. Sorry dear, to qualify for this little club you have to be able to recite LL’s ‘Jack The Ripper’ on command and be able to name every person on each of the 3 versions of the “Midnite Maurauders” cover.

And you need to be slightly senile too.

And if you’re from Canada and you’re called MF then you have to be ugly on Brian Peppers levels (google it).

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  1. Real newsy. Its expect to see coverage of the war and the election and the heart warming human stories. Yuss.

  2. I remember the old black and purple format from waaaay back.

  3. not yet… still 1.52… scared to make the jump in case some of my plugins don’t work… and I’m reluctant to change when this shit is working how I want it…

    you done it yet?

  4. Yeah, I changed a couple of weeks ago. It was worth it just for the in-built comment spam protection. Not to mention there are a few plug-ins that only work for 2.

  5. You should use WP2 just because it’s supposedly more secure.

    To back up the database you can use

    Most plugins work in WP2 but if they don’t the majority have been updated to work in WP2 so going to their homepage should give you a version that works.

    Watch out for the WYSIWG editor, it plays havoc with some plugins where you have to put special tags in (such as ones for Youtube vids), if you turn it off everything works fines though.

    The upgrade is simple and shouldn’t cause you any bother.

    Oh and still use Spam-Karma, the one in WP2 is alright but not as good and you’d still end up with the odd comment about Viagra or betting.

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