You’ll like this…

Hiphop content: ‘not a lot… but you’ll like it!’

Paul Daniels

UK-ers will immediately recognise the smug familiar boatrace of Mr Smarm Magic himself, Paul Daniels. A complete tosspot legend, he annoyed charmed young and old alike the length and breadth of the UK with his particular brand of cabaret-styled shite entertainment, rivalling only Noel Edmonds as the Saturday evening show host you’d most like to beat with a bag of bricks watch on TV, plate on knee, before you head off to the club to get shitfaced go dancing. With his faithful assistant (and real-life wife) Debbie McGee who certainly did not have sex with a German Shepherd dog which did not end up on a video which the Sun newspaper do not have locked in their vaults, (and this is not a UK Urban Legend), he performed several boring astounding magical tricks each week, stretching each one out and intertwining it with his own cuntish witty brand of repetitive humorous patter to make it last the hellish 40 minutes or so his show ran for each week.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse into the senile old bastard’s Magic Circle legend’s life away from the footlights. This blog charts Paul’s buys on Ebay, and provides a rare insight into the man’s perverted desires inner psyche. Enjoy ‘Paul Daniel’s Ebay Transactions’ – enjoy finding out what gets Paul off Paul does to relax in his spare time.

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  1. They were both on ‘X Factor: Battle of the Stars’ last week, but they were voted out first, and raised about £2.79 for charity.

    “On February 18th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased some kinky leather-look boots”.

  2. I saw this blog earlier in the week and frankly its the best thing the web’s thrown up in a while. I like it. Not a lot!

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