A to the L €™s 100 Favorite Hiphop Albums Of All Time (Part 4)

100 List Part 4

Wow. I thought I’d have this completed thew full 100 by this Monday. I guess with having a real-life of sorts at times, its cut into the amount of time I’d love to spend sitting in front of a computer, completely unappreciated, making lists for people who don’t give a fuck. Pity that, innit? Anyway, these were meant to be tacked onto the end of Part 3, but since that ship sailed a while back, I’ll just have them start part 4 and see how far I get this time. Once I hit 50 I’ll recap for all the latecomers. Ready? Lets go…

A to the L’s 100 Favorite Hiphop Albums Of All Time (Part 3)

100 List Part 3

This list is not fitting into the timetable I had hoped for – with some luck though, I should make up some ground at the weekend, but until then you’ll just have to bear with me as I struggle through the week in fits and starts. All this checking of older stuff though has made me realise that in the last few months there’s been NOTHING worthwhile to listen to, commercial or underground – I know the big guns are keeping their powder dry (nullus) for the beginning of the autumn, but for real, its been a generally quality-free summer…

A to the L’s 100 Favorite Hiphop Albums of All Time (Part 1)

100 List Part 1

I know to many people (me included) lists can often be boring. That’s why I’m going to attempt to break this up into around 12-15 albums per post to allow y’all to digest the knowledge I’m about to impart. It will also allow me to clear the 100 by this time next week, if things go according to plan. Please don’t get this twisted up either. These are my favorite albums ever, ever, ever. Not necessarily your favorites. Or your greatest. Or THE greatest. (Though at times, certain choices will tick a box on all those lists.)

Rapper in ‘glorifying guns’ shocker.


There’s something not quite right about this story. Is it the fact that Chi Ali, behind bars because of gun crime is now trying to convince industry tastemakers into letting his cousins glorify that life? Or is it the fact that if they had perhaps been on the political or concious tip trying to teach others how their cousin’s route was the wrong one that CBS News, AHH and Wendy wouldn’t have given this story the time of day? You decide. (And yes I did use THAT pic… because this idiotic story deserves to have an idiotic pic accompany it.)