DJ Fury rescues Miami Bass!

I figured I owed to this my man Fury following the amount of visitors he pulled to this one page of my site the last time.


DJ Fury

One of the more popular styles of music born and bred in the State of Florida is sadly on the verge of extinction. Miami Bass, or €œBooty Music € as some refer to it, is no longer being recorded and released by many artists or labels even in its originating State of Florida. Most popular Bass Music recording artists from the late 80s to mid 90s have either changed their styles or totally given up the craft.

2 Live Crew, one of the most famous Bass Music groups founded by Luther €œLuke € Campbell, known for their nasty lyrics and crazed antics on stage, disbanded many years ago. Most of the remaining Bass Music record labels are either recycling old releases or permanently closed their doors.

One famous Bass Music recording artist/producer decided not to let the popular style become extinct. Brian €œD.J. Fury € Graham, produced more Bass Music albums than any other producer in the industry. He was the top producer on Miami €™s premier Bass Music label, Joey Boy Records. D.J. Fury actually made history by becoming the very first artist to record a self-produced, original, slowed tempo song on an album released worldwide. D.J. Fury referred to his slowed style as €œDragged €, but many people refer to it as €œScrewed € today. The song was entitled €œTwenty 15 €™s € from the Kings of Bass album, the first by his group Bass Patrol released in 1992.

D.J. Fury produced several albums for his Bass Patrol group, many solo albums, and many albums for other popular Bass Music recording artists such as Half Pint, The Miami Boys, RX Lord and more. D.J. Fury €™s popular sound has been featured on the movie soundtracks for Only The Strong (20th Century Fox) and Trippin €™ (Rogue/October Films). He has also produced music used in Japanese instructional snowboarding videos, the syndicated TV shows Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC), Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn (Comedy Central) and more.

Presently, D.J. Fury is on a mission to save Bass Music from extinction by releasing a brand new CD entitled, Competition Bass, which he is selling and distributing independently via his own company, According to D.J. Fury, this is only the first of many Bass Music releases to come because there are still millions of Bass Music fans worldwide in need of someone catering to their musical taste. So rest assured that as long as D.J. Fury is alive, speakers will continue to blow, amplifiers will still be fried, and Bass Music will never die!

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  1. Big up to Dj Fury for trying to keep Bass Music alive. It might not be selling off the shelves as it may have once before, but if you so happen to be in a club and one of the bass songs are tossed on….very few can resist dancing to it…and those that do hold back…have flashes from back in the day when they used to ‘Drop’ and ‘Scrub tha Ground’…lol

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