I’ve been sitting on posting about this for three weeks. I had the pictures scanned and ready to go then, and for one reason or another, procrastination conquered me (nh) and the idea went on the backburner. Finally however, I’ve deemed y’all worthy enough of 15 or 20 minutes of my time as I break down the April 1996 issue of The Source.

New artist spotlight – A.P.


A.P, €œThe Chosen One, € has come a long way from his neighborhood in Elizabeth, New Jersey. For over half of his life, A.P €™s heart and soul has been in the studio. Eight years have passed since his newfound journey with rap music began, and he €™s been grinding it out every step of the way.

Hello children…

I’m still alive. I intend to post some stuff over the weekend. Stay tuned.

(And yes, I know I said the same thing last week, but its been more difficult balancing work, websites, and the desire to commit hari-kari, than I originally thought. However, progress has been made, and there is a sense of order now being restored to things. The force is strong with this one.)