Rapper in ‘glorifying guns’ shocker.


There’s something not quite right about this story. Is it the fact that Chi Ali, behind bars because of gun crime is now trying to convince industry tastemakers into letting his cousins glorify that life? Or is it the fact that if they had perhaps been on the political or concious tip trying to teach others how their cousin’s route was the wrong one that CBS News, AHH and Wendy wouldn’t have given this story the time of day? You decide. (And yes I did use THAT pic… because this idiotic story deserves to have an idiotic pic accompany it.)

Incarcerated Rapper Chi-Ali Writes Letters In Support Of Rap Duo

According to CBS News, AllHipHop.com & Wendy Williams, incarcerated rapper Chi-Ali is pooling his resources together in hopes of giving his younger cousins, Guns & Glamour (a male and female twin rap group), a shot at making it in hip-hop.

Chi-Ali has begun writing letters in behalf of his cousins, Hollywood and Beloved, the rapper has already penned letters to the likes to Diddy, DJ Red Alerts and Big Tigger, and is expected to write to more of his industry contacts over the next few months.

In 1998, the brother and sister duo started putting together lyrics. And when Chi-Ali heard them, he passed their CD on to Terry Ross of Noontime Recordings/Capitol, who in turn, flew them to Atlanta to work with the then unknown producer Jazze Pha.

Guns & Glamour recorded a number of songs with the producer and ended up inking a deal with Noontime, but ended up being shelved because Ross was unsure about how to market a teenage group who used such explicit lyrics. Now, when was the last time you heard a male and female rap group who are twins and the female raps more gangster than the male? Well, that’s one of the characteristics that Guns & Glamour expresses through their music and lifestyles. Guns & Glamour is the sole mixture of complete opposites with the same story to tell—their life struggles.

The duo are currently putting the finishing touches on their Divinaire Entertainment/Woodroq Records 2006 debut disc set, Both Sides To The Story.

Chi-Ali is currently behind bars for the shooting death of Sean Raymond, his girlfriend’s brother. The rapper allegedly shot Raymond over $300 and a collection of CDs.

After the killing, Ali fled from justice for nearly two years. But after appearing on FOX’s “America’s Most Wanted” twice, police received tips as to his whereabouts, where he was captured and arrested.

In 1992, the rapper released his only solo album, The Fabolous Chi-Ali, which spawned the hit single “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number.” The single broke the top ten on the Billboard music charts.

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