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I just made the decision to pull my site from Powweb’s shitty servers. Amazingly it had propogated (zing!) around the net within 2 hours of me signing on with my new host so that the domain names are ALREADY pointing to the new webspace. Unfortunately the email switchover is lagging behind a little, so if you’ve emailed me during Friday night / Saturday morning, it might be lost down a black hole somewhere. Try again on Sunday.

I also upgraded from WordPress 1.52 to WordPress 2.4. Props to Robbie and Wasteland Drifter for the advice on doing that – it was much easier than I thought. Now all I need to do is hope that my Dadamail installation comes over as easily as the WP did.

In the meantime, if anyone finds anything wrong with this site (apart from the content) then let me know. There may be a few things that have gone south during the port that need fixing.

This geeky post was brought to you by A to the L, Cherry Pepsi, and the number 25.

Oh and in case you hadn’t tuned in earlier. Fuck Quincy Joist right in their fucking face.

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  1. Why dyou quit powweb? They haven’t been that bad for me and I got them on your reccomendation fucko. So whats the scoop?

  2. Since Endurance bought them, their service has steadily declined. They fucked up my migration from the old reliable PW servers in LA to the new Endurance ones in Boston, which meant my entire site, plus my email and my dadamail newslists were down for extended periods of time.

    I was willing to work through this with them though – put it down to teething problems, and while their support desk ignored my support tickets and those of many others with similar probs, I fixed the issues myself after much fucking around with code in the background.

    Still though, I’ve had tons of email problems. Emails sometimes never arrive, not even in webmail – they just fall into a black hole somewhere. Whats more did you know that Endurance IP addresses (ie your site, my site, their customer’s sites) often feature on AOL and Excite blacklists as ‘spam’ dangers – which means that AOL bounce your email msgs to AOL addresses WITHOUT LETTING YOU KNOW. So there’s no telling if your msgs to AOL addresses are actually getting through.

    Oh and lets not forget that they’ve now changed your email headers so that your OPS login is now freely in view for anyone to see if they choose to look for it.

    Oh and their FTP server is totally fucked too. Good luck trying to upload large files, or a run of small ones without a disconnection.

    Anyway the thing that pissed me off the most was their new rule of making sites only able to send 200 emails an hour. ‘Wow, that’s a lot’, you might think. Think again – if you have a mailing list – each one of the addresses on there counts as ONE EMAIL when you send out a mailshot. So everytime I send a mailout to the 3000+ people on my list, they’ll cut my entire email service for a WEEK because I broke the rule.

    Check their forums – its like rats and sinking ships over there. Their email management and security is becoming a (long-running) joke.

    I’m not saying it won’t get better – but I don’t want to stick around and play guinea pig in the background while they continue to sit on their hands in the meantime.

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