Hurrah for freebies. Thanks to the lovely folks at Cornerstone, Zomba and Laface, I’m happy to offer you, the fair readers of this humble blog the chance to get a copy of an exclusive promotional 10″ single for the new Outkast movie “Idlewild.”

Side A contains Andre’s ‘Idlewild Blues’, while Side B features Big Boi’s ‘Morris Brown’. Of course we all know by now that they are featured in the Outkast musical movie which hits screens on August 25. The movie soundtrack comes out three days earlier, on the August 22.

Want one? All you need to do is shoot me an email telling me the name of Outkast’s first album. Spell it incorrectly and you’re disqualified.

Small print: My decision is final. If you don’t like it I don’t care. Etc etc etc. I don’t listen to whiners. Contest closes when I pick 5 correct answers at random.

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