Go shorty…

Woo Yay

Its my birthday. Terty-tree years old today. Send me cash fuckers. I’m not joking. Click here.

(Also feel free to spam my collect-a-friend comments section with inane birthday greetings.)

Anyway provided I don’t drop dead of old age between now and the weekend expect a bumper part 5 of my Top 100 Hiphop Albums Ever Ever Ever list, as well as a couple of reviews.

Exciting times are ahead fucktards. New opportunities on the horizon, and new mixtapes in the planning stages (I see you Count.)

Stay tuned for loads of hyperactivity.


2 Replies to “Go shorty…”

  1. Happy birdday bro! I’ve always wanted a Bird jersey. Maybe when i’m yer grand age! Have a blast, about yer past…

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