Verbals by A to the L

Hello. Remember me? Consider this my attempt to shake writers block. Here are some reviews of some cds and 12’s that I’ve been kicking around my floor for the past few weeks. I think some of these might be old and have just decided to come out of hiding to show me that they’ve been languishing behind my turntables for a year or so. There’s just TOO much music shit going on right now, and separating the good from the bad is a monumental task right now.

That real shit…

Since I’m fucking with YouTube tonight, I thought I’d remind you of this man’s dope, dope, dope, SUPERdope music…

Count Bass D – Down Easy (from the album “BegBorrowSteel”, reviewed here)

(and just to tie things in even more, this video was upped to YouTube by’s own Wasteland Drifter)