What a great fucking weekend I am going to have.

BTW – I already asked this on rmhh, but am the only one who doesn’t really give a shit about Idlewild – either the movie or the soundtrack? The 3 cuts I’ve heard on it are poopish in the extreme.

Matter of fact its been an incredibly shitty summer in terms of truly decent Hiphop releases. There’s been bits and pieces here and there, but nothing that’s truly had me rewinding. Sad to say that the next date on my calender worth a damn is October 17th when “AYWS” finally drops.

In other news – has anyone else noticed KRS contradicting himself again by letting his music be used in a Jeep Compass commercial? Funny how its ok for Hiphop to sell the fuck out when its YOUR music promoting Sprite, Nike or Jeep, or when Puffy is remixing YOUR shit… but when its anyone else they’re ‘diluting the culture for a quick buck’. Also funny how when these types of questions are raised, or in fact any time Kris is called to account for any of his actions, folks end up being dragged over tables.

“Yo I’m strictly about skills and dope lyrical coastin’,
Relying on talent, not marketing and promotion,
If a dope lyrical flow is a must,
You gots to go with a name you can quickly trust,
I’m not sayin I’m number one, uhh I’m sorry, I lied,
I’m number one, two, three, four and five,
Stop wastin’ your money on marketing schemes,
And pretty packages pushin’ dreams to the beam”

Or Jeeps to the sheep… eh?

Anyways… I know I say this every week, but I intend it to be different this time. WORK coming soon with reviews on the new Defari and stuff (I see you Michelle), plus the other 50 of the top 100. Etcetera Etcetera Et(Peter)cetera.

Oh, and in case y’all ain’t up on it yet… ALL OUT ARMY, bitches.

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  1. I only heard “Mighty O” which is none-too-exciting but on returning to proper civilisation yesterday night the sight of KAST logos allover the underground made me a funny feeling. So I guess I’m at least excited if not exactly high hopesing. I want that Killer Mike album more…

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