Serve tea, then murder…


For all those who are unaware, Rhymefest had a sitdown and a brew with Conservative leader David Cameron last week, following some unsurprisingly stereotypical comments from the politician recently about Hiphop.

What’s been most eye-opening about this meeting though, has been the reaction of Rhymefest’s camp following it. The following is taken from a PR release I received on Friday…

Artist spotlight: NYOIL


As 50 Cent and co will attest, the best way to create a nice little buzz around your product is to start a little beef. While NYOIL’s incendiary track ‘Y’all Should Get Lynched’ is definitely sticking it to some of today’s commerical artists, its done in a way that is less beef for buzz, and more a genuine concern with the way he feels Hiphop is heading. His myspace bio decrees…


Clipse Contest

“Hell Hath No Fury” is finally on Jive’s release schedule, and to celebrate this they’ve hooked me up with autographed album promo posters and ‘Mr Me Too’ vinyl to give away.

Wanna be down? Just answer the following question…

On the cover of the Clipse debut album “Lord Willin'”, who’s sitting in the back seat of the car?


Mr Long

Its a fact of life that once you make any kind of dent in this Hiphop industry that you automatically lose your ability to tell the time. It often seems that while Jacob The Jeweller can make million dollar watches that look amazing in photographs of your favorite emcee, the one drawback is that they don’t seem to work properly. Rappers never show up for interviews on time – its Industry Rule Number 4082 (4081 of course being “Kanye only opens his mouth to change feet.”)