Artist spotlight: Laura N-Black

I figured I’d shine some light on some of these myspace cats who are making some superb music that y’all don’t even know about. Don’t sleep.

First up, Laura N-Black…

Laura N-Black

If you ain’t feeling ‘Crazy’ (download here) then you are dead inside – a dried up husk of a person with no feelings whatsoever. And you smell. Of old socks and sweaty boxing gloves. True. (Btw, Ms Black – this is still getting chopped & screwed as promised.)

Anyways, about Laura…

Native of Cameroon, a french and english-speaking country in Central Africa.

Born in 1982 and singing for 14 years, Laura was a member of a gospel choir when in high school and passed a master in marketing and management in Paris, France in 2005. She is currently attending a course and planning to finish her studies in the USA in 2006.

Growing up on “NEW JACK SWING” thanks to her big brothers and cousin in the early nineties, her favorites were SWV, Portrait,Hi-Five,Brandy, H-town, Jodeci, Shanice, Guy, Bell Biv Devoe, TLC, Tony Toni Toné, Immature, Intro,Troop,New-Edition, Zhane, X-Scape and others.

She also really appreciates soul music from the likes of Teddy Pendergrass,I ndia.arie, Percy Sledge,Caldvin Richardson,Syleena Johnson. d’Angelo, Anthony Hamilton, Raphael Saadiq, Glenn Lewis,Jill Scott, Bilal.

Because of the english language, which is a kind of barrier for her music in France,and being a singer and songwritter,Laura is moving out to the United States to get more opportunities in the music industry .Indeed,English language gives her more inspiration.

Now Laura, is trying to add from time to time a touch of her African origin to her music. The “Music Daughter” as some call her performs in some clubs in Paris, and from time to time in London. She also got a chance to get up on stage in some venues in Baltimore and New York city.

“My dream is to share my music with all of you.”

Laura N-Black – Crazy

Add her here…

2 Replies to “Artist spotlight: Laura N-Black”

  1. Its good to see another sister from the humble origins of Africa making it to the top. I am especially impressed by her music achievements coupled with an interest to advancing her education, which is also a big thing for me coming from kenya, Africa. We have seen our fellow people suffer from poverty, and education is valued as a key to success. Its power..Power to change. So i can only say….go Girl! You are a true inspiration!

    Side comment: Its also funny that we were born the same year and have studied the same -marketing. Am also in pursuit of opportunity, sometimes taken for granted here in America.

  2. wow,

    thank you so much, I was just typing my name on Google and i fell on this website. Thank you so much. I don’t know who posted this thread about my music, but its truly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

    You made my day,and you give me hope

    Much love


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