Artist spotlight: NYOIL


As 50 Cent and co will attest, the best way to create a nice little buzz around your product is to start a little beef. While NYOIL’s incendiary track ‘Y’all Should Get Lynched’ is definitely sticking it to some of today’s commerical artists, its done in a way that is less beef for buzz, and more a genuine concern with the way he feels Hiphop is heading. His myspace bio decrees…

“I will start as I intend to end.
Honest and real!
I am not HIP HOP.. i represent Hip Hop.. It’s hopes and frustrations. I rep for the streets and the suburbs, the thinkers and the thugs.
You see when people hear me they will see you because I am faceless, I am an idea and less of a person. People die, ideas are eternal, and i am the idea of HIP HOP music RAP, Rhythimically Applied Poetry.

I will not waste anymore time claiming to be the BEST, there is no best MC. There is no GREATEST MC there is only the ART and EXPRESSION of EMCEE’ing. The VOICE OF GOD yearning to be heard thru our prose How can i claim to be better than GOD when he speak thru you too? EMCEE’ing: The voice of an enslaved people whose minds are still schackled longing to free themselves thru words to soar.. How dare I or you claim to be the best at speaking for these people.. EMCEE’ing : the voice of the youth screaming to be understood and respected EMCEE’ing the culture that bridges black and white and brown and red in one voice..


I am not here to promote myself and just my intrest, I am here to make MUSIC and ART and hopefully I can do that with some of you. I love to collaborate, I am with a mixtape, I’ll do drops it’s good with me B BOYS!
I breakdance, Emcee, Tag, DJ, Write, Produce and SUPPORT. I am a true Hip Hopper.
If you are on this page.. then you are probably here because the UMC’s pointed you to me. They have taught me this. Kool Kim taught me about being selfless with this music. He taught me how to be humble and respect the culture more than my own ambitions. I love those brothers for giving the world Fruits of Nature, a beautiful album with beautiful songs. So now i hold thier torch, I hold the Fushcnikens torch, Brand Nubians torch, Nice and smooths Torch, KMD’s Torch, the ZULU nations torch, the nation of gods and earths torch, the West Coast torch, the East Coast torch, the cultures torch.. I hold it high internationally for all of the world to see.

I am NYOIL. I am an idea.”

The big thing about NYOIL though is this video for ‘Y’all Should All Get Lynched’ which was originally banned from Youtube due to its graphical nature and message. Check this shit out and then go hit him up…

NYOIL on Myspace
Props to Robbie, for putting me up on NYOIL in the first place – check his interview with him right here

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