Rap-A-Lot soap opera


Bloody hell – I didn’t know any of this was going on… show’s how much I’m in touch with ‘the streets’.


Attorney, Warren Fitzgerald, Jr. – Steve Goldberg has an obvious, callous disregard for the truth. First of all he wants to try a claim for Michael Harris in the press, where he can grandstand and mislead the public with half-truths €™, misrepresentations and out right lies, rather than bring his claim in a court of law where the real facts can be proven. Apparently Goldberg and or his client need attention. A brief check with court records will reveal the truth.

First, Michael Harris has no judgment against Death Row, as Goldberg keeps claiming. Harris €™ ex wife has a default judgment against Knight and Death Row (meaning Knight just didn €™t cooperate) and Goldberg/Harris is trying to get money out of her. For Goldberg to make such a claim as reported is just irresponsible. There was never a trial on the Death Row matter, so nothing was ever proven.

Prince was ordered to appear at a deposition by a Houston Judge, but felt the order violated his rights. Through his Houston Attorney, Warren Fitzgerald, Jr. he has filed an appeal of the order and won stay of the deposition until the Court of Appeals finished looking into the matter. In other words, the deposition is off until further notice. Although Mr. Prince has no fear of a deposition, he has given one to Harris already; he is determined to protect himself from legal chicanery and character assassination from Goldberg and Harris. As a matter of fact, Attorney Fitzgerald obtained a ruling from the court that Goldberg/Harris could not question Prince about any alleged business dealings with Knight or Death Row, as that is under the authority of the Bankruptcy Trustee, and Mr. Goldberg knows this. For Goldberg to make the statements about what he €™s going to find out about Prince and Knight violates the courts order.

If Goldberg and Harris really think they have a claim, after twenty years of doing nothing, they can file a lawsuit, where the facts count, rather than grandstanding and publicity seeking in the media, and misleading the public with half truths and outright lies. The truth is Harris €™ claim doesn €™t stand a €œsnowball €™s chance in hell € in a court of law.

In the meantime, J. Prince has another blockbuster in the making. Keep your ears to the street.

J. Prince – €œI €™ve been dealing with FED €™s, Snitches & Rats all my life, conspiring to destroy me & Rap-A-Lot. This is nothing new to me. It €™s interesting, you have this Harris guy, a LA rat, who €™s lonely & desperate because the best thing that ever happened to him, has divorced him and moved back to Houston with all his money.

So the only explanation that I have, for him waking up in prison after 20 years saying that I made an oral agreement for 50% of Rap-A-Lot. Is he must think that his ex-wife (Lydia) still has a special place in her heart for me.

And by the way I €™m not Suge and Rap-A-Lot ain €™t no Death Row, so they can find another ambulance to chase! So I look forward to dealing with his bootleg lawyer, this frivolous lawsuit, and Harris €“ THE RAT, if and when he gets out!”
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