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Ruptured ACLs are never fun… FACT.

As I gear up for a threatened return to doing this Altrap shit a little more regularly, I thought I’d point y’all in the direction of some stuff that I’ve been bumping today…

There’s finally FINALLY some decent Hiphop music starting to cut its way through the bullshit that’s dominated EVERYTHING for the past 4 or 5 months. If it ain’t NY cats trying to sound like the south, its NY cats trying to sound like NY cats and boring the complete balls off me. If it ain’t Southern cats trying to sound like other Southern cats who sound like other Southern cats, its Southern cats working with Jazze fucking Pha.

New music has just been extremely boring of late. I like the first half of “Kingdom Come”, but the second half tailed the fuck off. The Clipse joint was solid, but not as much of a wankfest as everyone has built it up to be. I still haven’t listened to “Hiphop Is Dead”… the title track gave me the dry heaves, and so the cd has been sitting here laughing at me, urging me to play it so its other tracks can piss me off just as much. Like Spiderman considering revealing his secret identity to Betty Brant, I just don’t dare. I’m looking forward to the new Redman cd on Tuesday even though it looks like the House Of Jigga have royally fucked him over advertising wise… but hey what else is new for any Def Jam release that isn’t “Kingdom Come”? I’m mildly interested in the UGK, but again think it will be a big fat disappointment overall (just the way the “Buck The World” has turned out to be.) I guess, Redman aside, that the new Dogg Pound joint is the only thing I’ll definitely cop straight away.

In the meantime I have been listening to this…

GRITS – Redemption
Southern styled Christian Hiphop. Amazing stuff that I never knew existed – apparently these cats are on album number 7 or 8 or something… half of the album is crunk-ish in theme while the other cuts are more traditional. The quality of all the beats is really high, and very very surprising – there’s no money in Christian Hiphop after all – don’t they know its the work of the devil?

Euphonics – Euphon
Some underground cats from Harlem that I reviewed a good while back on Altrap. I was reorganising some of my records and cds today and came across this and threw it in the player. Its got a nice homemade feel to it, with 2 cats who sound like a good mix of the Pharcyde / Ugly Duckling (don’t laugh) / Dred Scott etc. Luvverly.

Phat Kat – Quiet Bubble (The Mixtape)
I’m so over with mixtapes right now. I hate the freestyles that aren’t freestyles. I hate that artists keep their best stuff for them, instead of putting in on their retail albums because of industry shite. I hate that a large majority of them aren’t mixed anymore. This however is very good. I’ve checked out a few of Phat Kat’s things before, and wasn’t really impressed (nh) but this collection is very listenable. Shit with Dilla, Black Milk, Dwele etc.

Twisted Black – Headed To The All-Star Game (Hustle Or Go Broke)
This is the newest cat signed to TVT who dropped a shitload of mixtapes (of the type I usually hate) and then just as his actual album was due to be dropped, managed to get himself locked up for 30 years on drug charges. The album is still coming out in March, but this thing with him dropping verses over familiar beats with the help of BG, Lil Flip, Bun-B and others is very listenable. ‘Put Some Lean It It’ is my fucking joint anyway.

John Robinson – The Leak Edition Vol. 2
This has been on the IPod for a couple of months now. This cat has all kinds of jazz, Hiphop and R’n’B influences all over his shit, and has beats from Madlib and Doom on here as well as some nice-ass indy producers’ stuff. Sounds like good Little Brother stuff, Tanya Morgan… you know the drill…

Mike Jones – Runnin’ Tha Game
This is a 3 or 4 year old mix cd before my man really blew the eff up. Mixed from start to finish with Michael freestyling his butt off over commercial tracks from the time, then with Watts slowing the whole thing down (no chops though) for additional listening pleasure. The remix of Dick Don’t Fail Me Now is the fucking knock and is still guaranteed to tear a fucking club up. I scribbled some more shit on this a couple of years back too.

EPMD – Business Never Personal
Because I’m just fucking nostalgic like that.


Oh, buy my spare turntable please.

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Bol reviews KRS-One… and basically saves me from listening to it or writing about it.

Lil Wayne on some backwards ish? (and my man uses my old layout too)


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