Big Daddy Kane > Rakim

Because whether what happens at 2:29 is staged or not, there’s not a hope in hell of The Eighteenth Letter ever being able to pull that shit off so smoothly…

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  1. First, thankyou A to the L for posting this. . my playlist had been becoming quite stale recently and that video reminded me how much I love Kane. And yes I completely agree: Big Daddy Kane > Rakim.

    It was more than likely staged but who gives a fuck he really is one bad cat who could rhyme in his sleep.

    I enjoyed your “Top 100 albums” . . which makes me wonder- I would absolutely love to see your “Top 10 Rappers” . . such a list is undoubtedly hard to construct but that is precisely why I would like to see your perspective on it. . . up for the challenge? I have a quite a general idea for my own list already.

    Say no to drugs but keep that Kane up in your system.


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