REVIEW: El-P – I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead

I'll Sleep When You're Dead

Artist: El-P

Album: I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead

Label: Def Jux

Rating: 1 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

Its THAT good...

(Footnote: Someone had to take time out to put personal copyright protection on this review cd (and every other one that went out to all the other people who had to suffer through this.) The dude doing the personal drops sounds even more bored than I became as I tried to find anything listenable on here. Ten years on since “Funcrusher” and its still the same awful metallic beats awkwardly supporting the same crowbar-ing of too many words into each line.

This cd belongs to… A to the L.”

It sure does… I need a new coaster.)

6 Replies to “REVIEW: El-P – I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead”

  1. I thought this album was DOPE!!! i bought it when it first dropped and i still play it to death every day. I don’t know how yall like Cage’s Hell’s Winter like its a classic and not like this album cause Hell’S Winter mostly produced by El-P…. o well.

  2. theguy who reviewed this CD doesnt know shit about music.
    and shouldnt be reviewing anymore CDs. El-P is the man. do you have your own record label? did you build your own empire? then stfu. idiot.

  3. If I don’t need to be an NBA player to know that the Miami Heat are pretty much fucked this year, then I hardly need to be a record label owner to come to the conclusion that your argument is pretty much bobbins.

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