HTIKMM: Craig G – Fuc Tape 9

Home Taping Is Killing Music Month Presents : Craig G – Fuc Tape 9

Craig G - Fuc Tape 9

Fuck Tapes are an excellent source of fun and frolics if executed correctly. Craig’s ninth attempt is probably the same as the other eight, and carries an important lesson that all DJs should learn when trying to compile something like this…

Moonsatellite – Facechanger Mixtape

Moonsatellite - Facechanger Mixtape

Those of you who were kind enough to buy my last mix cd (the one hosted by Count Bass D – buy one now if you haven’t already fools) may well have liked the last track, ‘Marvin’, by my man Moon. A fellow contributor to the Count’s message board, his jerky reworking of Mr Gaye’s ‘Come Live With Me Angel’ was a fine addition to what I’m sure you’ll all agree was one of the best mix cds you’ve ever heard.