HTIKMM: 1st Klass – Butter Blends

Home Taping Is Killing Music Month Presents : 1st Klass – Butter Blends

1st Klass - Butta Blends

Not a lot of background info for you on this unfortunately. This was one of the first tapes I copped from DJ MK after I switched to him from Depth Charge for all my tape needs, but it came amidst a pile of about 10 tapes I copped at the same time – I just asked MK for some hot shit, and told him to toss in some blend tapes in the bunch if he had them.

I have no clue who or what 1st Klass is to this day… this cover seems to indicate that

a) its a collective of sorts, with 2 different DJs (Alize and Becks) doing a side each


b) its one dude, who’s mixed an Alize side and a Becks side to whet both the more refined and the simpler palates…

The more I think about it, the more I think the answer is (b), though a google search of ‘1st Klass – Butter Blends’ turns up a 12″ on some Japanese and German sides that fails to shed any more light on the issue.

No matter – there’s some inspired choices here, including Rafael Saadiq’s ‘Ask Of You’ getting dropped over Grand Puba, Monica blended with The Cure, and 2 superb meshes of Bruce Springsteen and Molly Moll, and Phil Collins and Dr Dre – I shit you not. The one downside is that the sound quality here is fucking awful – I did my best to clean it up, but its still poo-on-a-stick. Pretend you’ve just pressed play on a tape deck as you start listening though, and you should hopefully be able to get over it.

1st Klass – Butta Blends

(by the way, its best not to play the first 30 seconds of this tape in front of your youngsters)

Download link here

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16 Replies to “HTIKMM: 1st Klass – Butter Blends”

  1. Thanks for this & the Ron G #11. I don’t know exactly who 1st Klass was/ is but it’s one person for sure. I have tapes where there’s DJ 1st Klass drops on it. I think he was from New Jersey. At least that’s where I’d mail the money orders addressed to 1st Klass Productions. He mostly only sold his own tapes but I remember picking up tapes by DJ Wimpy B through there too. Wack name, kinda nice tapes.

    & finally… I remember you from RMHH. I didn’t post on there a lot & forget what my name was but I remember you.


  2. He was from jersey Union City. He was one of the more smooth type skillfull DJ’s aside from DJ juice. I know him personally but havent heard from him in over 6 years. He has alot of classic mixed tapes.

  3. DJ 1st Klass is from Union City, NJ, one of the illest dj’s ever and got me into different ways of listening to mixtapes (think: dj dirty harry, dj juice, green lantern etc:) , one of the first to ever blend and put skits dope intros…….making it fun to listen to a mixtape…instead of just song after song after song….most of his work is considered classic mixtapes and if I could buy em I wouldnt mind paying $20-$30 for each mixtape………it would be worth it =D ^5 1st Klass

  4. tnx 4 puttn up this classic,had ths tape bak in the day,use to bump it on my sony boombox on the block.he a jersey boy like u kno already.been looking for ths for years def gr8ful 4 ur work…peace

  5. Cool DJ 1st Klass was the hottest DJ on the streets of Jersey City back in the 90s. He was an Ecuadorian from JC. Anyone over the age of 30 now in JC knows who he was. He not only rocked Hip Hop but also house, reggae and Latin music. He was famous for his crazy smooth blends. I still hear other DJs mixing old kool music the way he did. He produced a couple reggaeton groups and I think a hip hop group. I’m glad I keep all of his shit.

  6. DJ First, if your reading this, please put up your contact so your old school crew can contact you. Bass

  7. Trying to buy your mixtapes or mixcds collection thank u Anthony riccio from bayonne nj. I love your stlye well put together

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