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1st Klass - Summer School

So I just answered my own question. I was looking around last night for something to upload this morning, and picked up this tape. Its been in my ‘must rip’ pile due to some of the stuff that’s on it, but I never realised that it was by 1st Klass. So… it seems that he is just one dude after all. No further clues about where he’s from, where’s he been, or where he’s going – looks like he’s going to go down as another footnote unfortunately.

“Summer School” is instantly attention-grabbing due to the Mobb Deep / PE blend on the first track, which is followed by a nice little GZA / Raekwon mesh thing. The rest of the first half is Wu-Tang weed carrier heavy, with Sunz Of Man dropping a yawn-inducer, and the Dark Skinned Assassin doing his best Raekwon imitation. The Mytee G Poetic cut is mad noice though – any more info from anyone on this cat would be appreciated. The second half of the mix is a little smoother to the ears, with a few more commercial-tinged cuts separating the runs of harder stuff.

This is what a mid-90’s NY tape sounds like – some underground stuff, some known names, some blends, some cuts… all put together with the Walkman and the subway in mind. It might not be the greatest. Its definitely not the worst. The blends at the start make it worth checking though.



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  1. I used to have a 1st Klass old school tape, that was one of the illest old school mixes I ever had, never seen a tape from him again till now. Props.

  2. Hes from NJ. Used to be really popular in the 90’s with all his hot mixes.
    I had alot of it on cd when i used to buy them. Id like to get all them classics on CD if possible. Someone let me know when i can dl them from.

  3. Dude love the tape rips!!!! Could you reup the 1st Klass – Summer School and DJ Break – Tape Five, The Breakin’ Point ?


  4. Cool DJ 1st Klass was the hottest DJ on the streets of Jersey City back in the 90s. He is an Ecuadorian from JC, NJ. Anyone over the age of 30 now in JC knows who he was. He not only rocked Hip Hop but also house, reggae and Latin music. He was famous for his crazy smooth blends. I still hear other DJs mixing old kool music the way he did. He produced a couple reggaeton groups and I think a hip hop group. I’m glad I keep all of his shit. – See more at:

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