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Blunted On Da Funk Vol 2

I never listened to this as much as I should have for two reasons:

– the cover art irritates the shit out of me and,

– the drops and adlibs at the start of the tape irritate the shit out of me.

This came out during that little period in the early to mid 90’s when everyone tried to ride Cypress Hill’s joint-smoking coat-tails by having an ‘I partake in the occasional visit to my local weed spot’ song on their album. Trying to capitalize on Hiphop’s fascination with hitting trees, J-Ride and Dope Patrol released 3 or 4 tapes under the above working title. Just in case you didn’t know they were down with Mary Jane, they made sure that the artwork pointed out that they were indeed ‘blunted’ on ‘da funk’, and that *shock horror* they SMOKED MARIJUANA!!! Just in case you were a little slow on the uptake, and still couldn’t understand what they were talking about, they adopted stoner voices throughout the tape, because… you know… they were stoned. On MARIJUANA!! Wow.

I have Volume 3 of this around here somewhere, but maybe because that tape was equally ‘blunted’ on ‘da funk’ it went to get some chips or something, because it had the munchies. Because of the MARIJUANA!!!! OMFG!

Anyway… get over all this bullshit, and you’ll find a suprisingly decent tape (with great audio quality) that has a wider variety of tracks than many of the other tapes that have went up this month…

Blunted On Da Funk Vol 2 (Tracklist)

J-Ride & Dope Patrol – Blunted On Da Funk


A to the L Tape Rips

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