HTIKMM: Craig G – Fuc Tape 9

Home Taping Is Killing Music Month Presents : Craig G – Fuc Tape 9

Craig G - Fuc Tape 9

Fuck Tapes are an excellent source of fun and frolics if executed correctly. Craig’s ninth attempt is probably the same as the other eight, and carries an important lesson that all DJs should learn when trying to compile something like this…


Fellas don’t want to be hitting shit from behind and having to listen to wack DJs warble on about how ill they are and advertising all their other shitty brands of tapes.

Ladies don’t want to be playing the skin flute and having to try to blot out shout outs from some nomark to his boys over their favorite Jodeci cut.

To this end, Craig carries this tape off nicely – a strong selection of slow jams with minimal wittering from him. He does need to clean his needles a little though (nh). Obviously its still not as good as THIS TAPE RIGHT HERE, but its still a nice little weapon to have in any potential Casanova’s armory.

Craig G – Fuc Tape 9


A to the L Tape Rips

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  1. Hi,

    do you know somewhere in New York to get all of these classic mixtapes
    (late 80’s-early and mid 90’s), of: DJ Ron G, DJ Craig G, DJ Doo Wop, DJ Clue, DJ Juice, DJ Dirty Harry, DJ Funkmaster Flex or DJ Clue ?.


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