HTIKMM: Craig G – Sneakin’ Up (Part 1)

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Craig G - Sneakin' Up (Part 1)

Back in the mid-90’s Craig G was one of the most prolific DJs in NYC. However Craig and other DJs of his ilk (lets just call them ‘2nd tier’) did all that grindin’ for nowt… y’see I couldn’t tell you what a Craig G tape sounds like, what a DJ S&S tape sounds like, what a DJ Camilo tape sounds like… they’re the Infamous Mobb to Primo’s Mobb Deep, the Sunz Of Man to Ron G’s Wu-Tang Clan… you know what I’m saying…

Anyway, enough of my mild dissing – here’s a Craig G tape full of shit from Biggie, Das EFX, Gravediggaz, Kane, OC, Nice & Smooth, Snoop, Pete Rock & CL, and a load of other stuff. Its a nice little mix of mid-90’s stuff that’s pretty well put together… decent for a listen or two for sure, but like every other tape I’ve heard from this cat, its distinctly unmemorable.

Craig G – Sneakin’ Up (Part 1)


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