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Dirty Harry - Make My Day

Keeping this short because I have shit to do today. Tomorrow should be part 2 of DJ Wen’s stuff…


I remember when I got this, I wasn’t all that impressed – I was more into Ron G’s tapes. Listening back to it now though, its actually pretty nice, and deserves a listen – Harry’s put a lot of work into his blends and mixes. Obviously Harry and his peoples bootleggers agreed, and if you look hard enough you’ll find it floating around the net in remastered cd format, with a nice professional looking cover. However, there’s something nostalgic about listening to a dirty, hissy tape rip of stuff like this…



Dirty Harry – Rap Figures II Blend
Raekwon & Ghostface Killah – Glaciers Of Ice
Faith & AZ – I Remember
Mary J. Blige – All Night Long
Rakim – New York To Cali
Channel Live & Raphael Sadiq – Ask Of You
Mary J. Blige – Real Love In Bucktown
A Tribe Called Quest – Glamour & Glitz
Raekwon & Monica – Incarcerated Scarfaces
Fugees – Fugee-La
Dirty Harry – R&B Blend Mix
Method Man – All I Need
KRS One & Al B. Sure – MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know
Dirty Harry – Mobb Deep R&B Blend Mix
Raekwon – Ice Cream
Lost Boyz – Lifetime
ODB & Method Man – Rawhide
Nas, Mary J. Blige & Smif-N-Wessun – I Miss You
Brandy – Friends
Mobb Deep & A Tribe Called Quest – Quest To Drink
Boyz II Men – Water Runs Dry
Mr. Cheeks & Janet – Let’s Wait A While
A.Z. – Sugarhill
Redman & Method Man – How High
O.D.B. – Shimmy In Debt To You
Mary J. Blige & Notorious B.I.G. – Everyday It Rains
Brownstone – Masta I.C.
Adina Howard – Up & Down
Kool G. Rap – For The Money
Nas – Verbal Intercourse
Expose – I Wish The Phone Would Ring
Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long
Raekwon – Criminology
TLC & Notorious B.I.G. – Waterfalls
Lil’ Kim & Notorious B.I.G. – Players Anthem

A to the L Tape Rips

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