HTIKMM: DJ Break – Tape Five, The Breakin’ Point

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DJ Break - Tape 5, The Breakin' Point

I picked up this tape back in around 1994 or 1995 from some wack clothing store at a mall in Rhode Island. I was probably picking up a plaid Starter jacket or some shit… I don’t remember what played out item of clothing it actually was, but I do remember going to the counter to pay and seeing all these bootleg-looking mixtapes calling to me from under the fingerprint-heavy glass. I asked the dude behind the counter what he recommended and he pulled out this, and said that the shit was selling fast…

Thanks $5-an-hour-in-1994-counter-working dude! You happened to have some real good taste (zing!)

Break is a RI-based DJ who’s been on the go since 1992. He’s definitely got a touch of the ‘A to the L’s’ about him though, as in 15 years of DJing he’s only released 14 tapes, and from tape 8 onwards he moved to cds. Tape Five was my first introduction to Break though, and I definitely like how he does things. Those of you who checked the Ron G tape earlier this month, will spot similarities with Break’s work here – tons of layered blends throughout, with some really interesting song combinations. In addition, his work on the fader is superb, so there’s an extra treat for you navel-gazing turntablist nerds here.

The intro section is worth the whole $5 I paid for this, and you’re getting it for FREE!

Check Break’s site here. Check him here on myspace. Or check below for the tracklist and download link for Tape Five.

DJ Break - Tape Five, The Breakin' Point (Tracklist)

DJ Break – Tape Five, The Breakin’ Point


A to the L Tape Rips

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