HTIKMM: DJ Clue & Puff Daddy – Bad Boy Mix

Home Taping Is Killing Music Month Presents : DJ Clue & Puff Daddy – Bad Boy Mix

DJ Clue & Puff Daddy - Bad Boy Mix

Not as much of a strange combination as the Stretch / Puffy mixtape from a little while back, this one features Hiphop’s favorite whipping boy DJ Clue leaving the shouting over the music with an echo-echo-echo to the man Sean Combs. Incredibly though, this tape is BETTER than Stretch’s effort – Clue’s selection is much better, and *shock*horror* he actually mixes tracks, instead of his trademark style of crashing them into each other or just pulling them off while talking on the mic to disguise the fact that his beatmatch game is sorry.

Seriously… this shit is bananas. Mobb Deep, ODB, Biggie (including the original version of ‘Come On Motherfuckers’ by Biggie and Sadat-X), Puba, Black Moon, Lost Boyz and a shitload of other banging tunes… and Puffy’s hype man act is weighed to perfection here.

DJ Clue & Puff Daddy – Bad Boy Mix


A to the L Tape Rips

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  1. damn man i have to say you have a dope tape you happen to have any evil dee hot97 shows or something?
    Pz D.

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