HTIKMM: Doggtime – Its So Hot

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Doggtime - Its So Hot

This one is an instant winner in the ‘Best Mixtape Cover That Looks Like It Was Created By A Small Child With A Box Of Crayons” awards. The tape itself ain’t bad at all technique-wise, although its largely an R’n’B blends tape, with the jams of that period laid over Hiphop instrumentals – similar to what Ron G and Dirty Harry were doing during the early 90’s, but with a little less polish. (And the quality on the second part of the tape is horrific.)

By the way, since the month is coming to a close I’m going to try to cram in everything I have ripped, so the music content and post count might increase until Saturday, but post content may be down, as I try to fit everything in (nh)

BTW – My sister let me down with the shipment from Ireland, so the Doo Wop, Kid Capri and other stuff I was hoping to get up here will have to wait till another time. Poor show, sis.

Doggtime - Its So Hot (Tracklist)

Doggtime – Its So Hot


A to the L Tape Rips

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