HTIKMM: Dr.Dre – Old Skool Megamix (1986)

Home Taping Is Killing Music Month Presents : Dr.Dre – Old Skool Megamix (1986)

Dr.Dre - Old Skool Megamix (1986)

The title says is all really. Late World Class Wreckin’ Cru / Early NWA period Dr.Dre throws down for an hour TWENTY ONE FUCKING YEARS AGO with classic electro and funk, mixed with golden mid-80’s Hiphop. Great stuff. And not really much else you can say except that you need to check this one.

By the way, expect a load of odds and ends today as I clear up everything I either didn’t get a chance to up until now, or haven’t ripped yet. The month isn’t over until midnight!!

Dr.Dre – Old Skool Megamix (1986)


A to the L Tape Rips

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  1. Truly one of the very best megamixs of all time it’s right down artistic. I miss those days of the Mack Attack Mix Master show on 1580 AM KDAY.

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