HTIKMM: Dr.Dre & T-Money on WLBS

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Dr.Dre & T-Money on WBLS (July 12th, 1991)

Do you know there is no proper photo of T-Money on the net at all? There’s plenty of Ed & Dre, but the third member of the Yo! MTV Raps crew is curiously missing from every Google image search. I know I have a book somewhere with a photo of him in it, but I’m too lazy to go get it, so make do with this cut and paste job of Dre and T-Money from a screenshot of an old episode on myspace.

After Molly moved on from WBLS, Dr.Dre (of course, you’re obviously aware, NOT the NWA one) and T-Money came on board with their ‘Operating Room’ show. A little less serious than Molly’s show, there were a lot of back’n’forth wisecracks between the pair that I’m sure were really funny at the time, but are actually a little… um… boring now.

Points of interests: DJ Clark Kent coming in to plug his show, but not touching the turntables. A contest to win a Young Black Teenagers album on cassette. A tremendous radio ad on 18 minutes for ‘Live At The Apollo’ where the announcer pronounces EVERY… WORD… PERFECTLY… which means that he tells us that Too $hort will be ‘rapp-een’ to his hit ‘The Ghet-TOE’. Lovely. Another ad tells us about a concert at Radio City Music Hall with Public Enemy and Sisters Of Mercy. A Rakim St Ides advert I hadn’t heard before amongst all the ones I’ve collected.

Matter of fact, the ads are probably a little more interesting that this tape. Sorry.

Dr.Dre & T-Money on WBLS (July 12th, 1991)


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  1. please t-money is a mess…stilll living at home wit his mama in his forties i might add….sorry ass

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