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Freestyle Raps - MCs Go Wild

This is another one of those that I ‘borrowed’ from someone else, and I’ll credit them in a second… but first, the back story. I copped this tape as part of a Depth Charge (RIP) double pack in the early 90’s, and played the freestyle tape to death. (By the way, the other tape in the pack – Molly & Pete Rock – will go on here later this month.)

So anyway… this freestyle tape. Played it to death… constant rewinds to listen to Finesse and G Rap over and over again. The crown jewel of course was the (everyone calls ‘infamous’) Big Daddy Kane birthday freestyle where Ill (from Ill Al Skratch) dissed the birthday boy, dropped the mic and walked off the stage. (This is also where Masta Ace gets his ‘Crazy Drunken Style’ freestyle on “Slaughtahouse.”)

Imagine my dismay when one day I’m listening to the tape and my walkman decides to chew it up. I spent about 4 hours untangling the shit from the motor wheels, and then I had to do a tape splice as part of my rescue mission, which resulted in Smooth B’s verse on the Kane freestyle getting cut off. But hey – the tape was repaired, and all became well with the universe again.

Until… on another bout of rewinding the full tape came off the inside of the tape wheel which meant that inside the tape case itself I had all those precious freestyles just spinning round and round and not getting carried over to the other wheel. Cue A to the L busting out the jeweller’s screwdrivers, carefully dismantling the tape case, and removing the full tape, which of course decided to unravel at that very moment. Seven thousand hours of reconstruction later, I had the tape stuck back on the wheel with sellotape, which meant that I could never rewind the shit completely back to the start, or it would come flying off again. But hey – the tape was repaired, and all became well with the universe.

Until… one day I forgot the ‘don’t rewind fully’ rule, the tape came flying off the wheel, the case broke, the tape snapped, tangled, knotted, and generally decided that it had had enough of me turning it into Lazarus every time, and placed itself under a DNR order. Frustrated and broken (like the tape,) I sadly tossed the whole lot into the bin.

Fast forward about 11 or 12 years…

And YAY for Stretch who posted the mp3 of the Kane birthday freestyle over on his blog HERE, and then followed it up with a Redman and Biz freestyle (which also featured on the tape) HERE.

And super duper triple YAY for A-One. Stretch’s post drew him out of the woodwork and HE POSTED THE COMPLETE TAPE HERE. This is incredible stuff. Once again kids, all has became well with the universe.

As I said, you can get the download link from A-One’s site. But I have also taken the opportunity to upload to several other spots in case anyone has dead link issues. Click the link below to see those. (And please say a prayer for the Molly & Pete Rock tape – he’s been in that big double case without his bro for nigh on 12 years now.)

Freestyle Raps – MCs Go Wild

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  1. Great stuff man!! I just got put on to you by Trav, I now have you linked up on my site as well….Thanks for this man, greatly appreciated

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