HTIKMM: Funkmaster Flex Live At Planet Rock

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Funkmaster Flex Live At Planet Rock

Warning: Warm toasty feelings of reminiscing surround this post.

This tape dates back to around ’93 or ’94 I think, and features Flex playing a pretty standard set of older stuff for around 30 minutes before going into newer stuff. Even though you’ve heard all these tracks a zillion times though, there’s still something about hearing these back to back like this, and visioning a packed club rocking to them, that makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end.

After this you get a set of mid-90’s club fare – Snoop, Brand Nubian, Nice & Smooth, Naughty, Tribe, Mary J Blige etc, before Flex goes into the Breaks crate, pulling out ‘Champ’, ‘Good Times’, ‘Apache’, ‘Drummer’s Beat’ and all the other cliched shit. Honestly you’ve heard all this stuff tons of times before… you’ve even heard Flex go into these sets on other tapes I’ve put up here this month… but there’s just something about the fact that its a club set rather than a radio set that makes this extra illy.

Seriously… DJs who truly love this music… isn’t this the type of set you’d wish to play to a receptive crowd if at all humanly possible?

Funkmaster Flex Live At Planet Rock


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