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Home Taping Is Killing Music Month Presents : Marley Marl – In Control on WBLS (July 14, 1989)

Marley Marl - In Control on WBLS (July 14, 1989)

Today we greet our old Juice Crew friend, Molly Moll, and welcome him to HTIKMM by ripping one of his old WBLS ‘In Control’ shows from dusty tape to digital 1’s and 0’s.

Molly’s show gets props over here, and is interesting for several reasons:

    – The music is great.

    – Molly’s skills on the turntables are actually very, very good – something I wasn’t really that aware of. Check how, late in the show, he cuts the testicles out of Queen Latifah’s ‘Dance 4 Me’… crazy Jazzy Jeff-like transformer action going on all over the shop.

    – Ultramagnetic are guests and Molly knows bugger all about them. Chuckle as he cuts Ced Gee off by saying he wants to talk to the rappers, not the producers.

    – It confirms that ‘A Chorus Line’ was way ahead of its time in terms of how emcee’s should flow. You know its true.

    – Molly says the word ‘jumbo’ a lot.

    – 3rd Bass are also guests. Molly ignores Prime Minister Pete Nice the whole way through in favor of yakking to his good buddy Serch. It actually sounds a little uncomfortable when Serch keeps having to add ‘…and Prime Minister Pete Nice” to the end of Molly’s excited “3rd Bass and MC Serch!” outburts.

    – DJ NSD (is this Daddy Rich’s earlier name?) had an awful few minutes on the wheels – obviously Molly had boobytrapped the turntables for guest DJs.

    – Serch shouts out his dancers – One and Another. Illy. And he shouts out Doom. In 1989. When he was still Zev Love X. Holy Nostradamus.

    – Molly loves that Stezo record.


Marley Marl – In Control on WBLS (July 14, 1989)


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6 Replies to “HTIKMM: Marley Marl on WBLS”

  1. Is it definitely Marley and not Pete Rock on the wheels? Cos Pete Rock LOVED that Stezo record.

  2. Nah, that’s definitely Molly. I have a couple of other tapes that need to go up later this month – one that’s marked as Molly & Pete, and sounds like all Pete, and one that’s marked as Molly but is Dr Dre (from Original Concept)…


  3. What was the problem with Pete Nice? LOL…..that man Marley Marl kept on shiitin on him…..

  4. Fuck this site is soooo ill! Gives people like me who never lived in major metro citys to relive the golden years of hip hop.

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