HTIKMM: Semtex – Hiphop Mix Tape 6

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DJ Semtex - Hiphop Mix Tape 6

London calling! Before Semtex became the face and voice of commercial Hiphop on 1Xtra, he made a steady living doing gigs and hosting pirate radio in Manchester. His mixtapes become the stuff of UK legend, and the buzz surrounding him eventually resulted in him being commissioned to produce ‘official’ mixtapes for the majors. Which led to a move to London. Which led to A&R-ing for Def Jam UK. Which led to 1Xtra. Which led to his Friday and Saturday Mixtape shows becoming one of the most popular shows on the station.

US heads will probably know none of the above, nor will they care. Semtex cares not a jot for you fools anyway – especially not on this tape from around ’96, where he lays down some classic headnodders from De La, The Roots, Pete Rock, and Extra P and mixes them with some less well known cuts from KRS, Pop Da Brown Hornet, The Jigmastas, and Blahzay Blahzay. Its not the most original line up of cuts, and ol’ Semmy ain’t really doing much of interest on the wheels – little more than basic fades from one cut to the next with a few little juggles thrown in – but I suppose its ok to throw on the background during an XBox session or something.

Its still better than whatever you’re playing now though, so click anything below to listen and / or download…

DJ Semtex - Hiphop Mix Tape 6 (Tracklist)

DJ Semtex – Hiphop Mix Tape 6


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  1. nice to see collectors all around the world, it’s a shame that the some links don’t work to download… i got a lot of old tapes myself i ripped most of them…are you interested in trading??? i’ve been collecting for over 10 years now…


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