HTIKMM: Tim Westwood’s Debut on Radio 1

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Tim Westwood's Debut on Radio 1 (Dec 10, 1994)

Tim Westwood is always going to have his detractors and he’d probably admit that he’s brought upon himself the large majority of flak that critics aim at him. Nowadays he plays the ‘role’ of wigger more than ever, but when the cameras and the mics are off, he’s still a genuinely nice down-to-earth guy with a love for Hiphop (nh) who’s real-life steez is worlds away from his on-air persona.

I remember when I heard the news that Westwood was moving to Radio 1, I pledged to bust the tapes out every weekend to tape every show – finally the rest of the UK were going to get the same thing that only London had been treated to for years. A few shows in though it became apparent that even in ’94 the best years of Westwood’s show had already passed – UK records were pushed well into the background and the rawness of the Capital Rap Show was nowhere to be found. Subsequently, the TDKs and Maxells stayed in the multipack unless there was a special guest on that I really wanted to catch. His show of course was really only reflecting the Hiphop landscape of the time (as it still does today), and with that in mind, I’d still rather listen to a tape of this show than the gunshot-effect Hot 97-lite dullness that passes for his show nowadays – even he sounds bored with it all most of the time.

This tape is more interesting due to the historical significance of Tim’s debut on Radio 1 than for anything on the music front – its farely standard 90’s fare. Not much mixing going on (there never is on a Westwood show – those who’ve seen him live will testify to the fact that Tim couldn’t mix cement) but there’s plenty of quality cuts. Heather B, Group Home, Redman, EPMD, Biggie, Slick Rick and more all get pulled out the crates as well as some Mary J Blige and some reggae stuff. Oh, and that Lil Vicious cut is STILL fucking fire.

Non-music highlight: 30 mins into part 2, we have the latest news from New York which details the shooting of Tupac Shakur in a Manhattan Recording studio. Even a few days after it, rumors of a set-up were being aired (well before Shakur’s Vibe interview where he fingered Biggie as being involved.) Following this piece is some news on ODB being shot. Its kinda crazy listening to this, knowing what was to come for both of these cats in the future.

Extra Pimpafied Highlight: 30 mins into part 1, we have a news break from 1994, and a story about some fighting in Bosnia in the city of Beeyatch. Gangsta!

Tim Westwood’s Debut on Radio 1 (Dec 10, 1994)

Part 1


Part 2


A to the L Tape Rips

3 Replies to “HTIKMM: Tim Westwood’s Debut on Radio 1”

  1. Nice upload.

    Even until JUST a couple of years ago, I think Westwood’s show was still quality, even if Timmy himself was already prime clowning-on material.

    And then one day I switched it on, and it seemed to be on some dirty south shit. All good and well indeed, but it seemed to drag on much longer than ‘heads were interested in the (mainstream) crunk flash-in-the-pan, and there seemed to be little variation at all.

    Nowadays, I find the show more concerned with exclusive tracks and titbits, disses, etc., rather than just good hip-hop.

  2. Once Westwood started dropping crunk southern stuff on the regular on his show (around the middle of 2005 – about a year after it started blowing up in the mainstream) he was being supplied with his tracks by me for about 4-5 months until it REALLY blew up and all his suppliers started getting that stuff for him…


  3. South-hatas can blame Mr to the L for Westwoods current sound.. heh.

    I haven’t listened to homie’s show live since like 97. I listened to that Lil Jon dubplate special, that was fun. I have some capital rap show tapes somewhere from when I was a wee lad. I need to get a tape deck.

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