Return Of The Funky Man

AKA Home Taping Is Killing Music Month Presents… DJ Premier On Hot 97

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I’ve been MIA for a few months now. Peace to the people who reached out to make sure I was still alive (I’m looking at you Michelle – you got an email coming your way.)

Now I’m back – kind of. Its rare that I agree with Nas, but Mr Jones got it pretty much right – Hiphop IS dead – to me at least. NY is doing nothing at all that moves me. LA is sawing major logs. The Bay Area shit is cute for a few seconds, and is definitely a hit in the right clubs, but come on y’all, that shit is straight gimmick. And as for my homies in the south… some of the beats down here are definitely fire but with everyone trying to bite the production styles of 2004 Lil Jon & Three 6, INCLUDING Lil Jon & Three 6, this shit is tiring out quick. Hot beats and hooks are the order of the day, and everywhere I turn rappers are saying precisely nothing. For everyone who sent me shit to review or to check out – trust me you didn’t want my reviews of your shit during the above period… I’m starting to check out the decent ones though, and will hopefully do some write ups soon. Probably not in time for your album dropping, but hey, life’s a bitch innit?

In other news, Joey’s 25 album thing caused all kinds of controversy amongst people who look down their nose at other people, while I was just pissed that “Paid In Full” continues to make these types of lists… its NOT a good album people…

And so, I take it back…

About 2 months ago, beez’s new blog 16 33 45 78 (itself a home of fun and punnery) put me up on Stretch Armstrong’s blog, Konstant Kontakt. Home to shitloads of fun downloads, I was transported back to happier times when vinyl was still alive, tapes were the way for emcees to get to your headphones, and KRS-One was still relevant to music in general. Can it be that it was all so simple then?

And so I leeched Stretch to death for a week or two, before deciding to go into my storage boxes and pull out all my old radio show tapes, the old mix tapes I copped from Depth Charge and DJ MK, and all the dubs of dubs of dubs that were passed around my small circle of Hiphop homies. As I listened to all this old shit I hadn’t peeped for years I decided that I should share it, and so I started digitizing this shit in earnest (and in my computer,) EQing the shit to try to take out much of the hiss and then running it thru SoundForge’s WaveHammer to try to max the volume out without clipping. I’m a regular Donovan ‘The Dirtbiker’ Sound, me.

About 10 tapes in, I hereby declare June on, “Home-Taping Is Killing Music Month”, and will now attempt the difficult (but not impossible) feat of putting up a new tape rip every day. After about a week, I’ll probably put off posting one day in favor of eating something, but while I’m on a roll right now, lets just see how far my innocent enthusiasm gets before it becomes enveloped in cynicism once more.

First off I figured I’d start with Primo. Despite being so dope on the boards and on the cuts on wax, live and on mixshows Primo’s turntable skills are often lovably sloppy – its like he’s saying, “Hey regular Joes, pay the type of dues I have, and you too will be able to get away with this awful beat juggling. Now watch while I cut up the same phrase 564 times – just enough to make you think about reaching for the button to skip me – but not enough to make you actually do it… because I know you’re lazy as fuck, and you’ll never have the work ethic to get on my level (no Trillville.)”

Or something.

Anyways, here’s Primo, aided and abetted by Fatman Scoop live on Hot 97, at some point in the mid 90’s… ITunes completists will be happy to know that this shit is beautifully tagged up and I even made a nice little cd artwork thing to go along with it. Ain’t I kind? (Extra props and a gold star to whoever can name the very first track on here – I’m totally blank…)

DJ Premier – Live On Hot 97


A to the L Tape Rips

15 Replies to “Return Of The Funky Man”

  1. This is a supernice look for altrap. It’s probably what teh game’s been missing. You’d have to ask him.

  2. Yo…tupac is the best…there’s no one that can match him…his style is impetuous…his defence is impregnable…and he’s ferocious…GOAT

  3. Rap music suckss…it’s old, monotonous, boring, mundane, morbid, ancient. Different artists, saying the same thing, in the same way…nothing new…forget about it…everything that needs to have been said has been said….rap music has reached its peak and is now falling…get over it and turn to POP…

  4. A to the L….this site sucks…u don’t update it frequently enough…where’s all the new album reviews…i expect better from U given that this is all you do…give us our money’s worth or ill turn to

  5. Look…primo is an overrated piece of trash…i dont know what all the fuss is about, he’s not THAT reliable…the best producer of all time is Dr Dre…and yes…he does do all his own stuff

  6. Peace A to the L, props from the Midlands UK (originally from Portsmouth)…I just rinsed all the tape rip downloads, looking forward to listening to them all…at 35 years of age, and a hip hop veteran since 1982 when I started breaking, it’s rare to find people who still hold a torch for the culture. Being a DJ & producer myself (also label owner, remixer and whatever else) we have a fair bit in common.

    So, this is just to say big up and maybe speak soon. See ya!

  7. Yes, wicked mix… The first tune is Brick City Kids (AKA Artifacts) – Brick City Kids. Lot’s of tunes I wish I had like that DNA – Criminal mind one, is that what it’s called, anyone?

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