Hiphop is alive… (on WVFS)

Now that we’ve got the cheesy post title out of the way, lets talk brass tacks…

Last night I spun live on Florida State University’s radio station, WVFS 89.7FM. The invitation came to me from one Amond Jackson, newly-installed host of the station’s Saturday evening Hiphop show, Underground Railroad, and if the temptation to spin classic 80’s and 90’s Hiphop for a minute wasn’t enough, the fact that later in the show I’d be rocking the tables for some of Tally’s hottest underground emcees made the decision a no-brainer.

So once I arrived at the station and got set up, and after giving away two copies of this (you know you want it), I set to work. The Count, Redman, Pete Rock, Rodney P, Blak Twang and shitloads more made the cut… unfortunately at times I didn’t – listening back to the first part of the show, my shit was mad sloppy (and I fell foul of the no-curse rules, when a few no-no’s slipped under the radar)… overall, I came away from the first part of the set feeling that I really could have done much better.

Since the audio of that part of the show isn’t going to be made available, you’ll never know how bad it was. So there. And that’s not what this post is really about, anyway… so lets move on…

Finally the emcees arrive… pounds are exchanged, and the chorus line of Leaf Qwembi from ABL, KC from S.B.E, Maestro, Jay-Cee and E&J from Dead Broke Records get to work.

(In fact the only cats who were really missing who also wrecked shop at last month’s Resurrection joint were Isreal and Big Lo. Next time fellas, huh?)

You know how all these big-time cats drop ‘freestyle’ after ‘freestyle’ on the radio, that ends up down the line on their album, proving that they’re just reciting written lyrics? You know how
< KRS-One 'Temple Of Hiphop' cliche alert >
true freestyling off the top of the dome (nh) is one of the truest expressions of Hiphop Culture?
< KRS-One 'Temple Of Hiphop' cliche alert ends >

It took everyone a few minutes to get warmed up, and then things got bananas. These cats came fresh off the top of the head, and brought straight heat. I had so much fun listening to them that at one point I fucked up and dropped the vocal version of ‘Ice Cream’ instead of the instrumental. Extra props to Leaf who destroyed the mic over the Liks/ODB instrumental.

These cats are putting in some real work in the North Florida region (and beyond) and it was a pleasure to work with them all (ayo!) last night. I don’t think its the last time that this group will link up either (nh) and if the shit is as fresh as it was last night, then look for it making it into a post or two here.

Pics and audio below.

KC, Jay-C, E&J, Maestro, Leaf, some dude with a turkey neck 
From left: KC, Jay-C, E&J, Maestro, Leaf, some dude with a turkey neck.

Amond Jackson, KC, Jay-C, E&J, Maestro, Leaf, some dude with a turkey neck sweating over some plastic turntables
From left: Amond Jackson KC, Jay-C, E&J, Maestro, Leaf, some dude with a turkey neck sweating over some plastic turntables.

Free Hiphop or we behead this innocent emcee
Free Hiphop or we behead this innocent emcee.

Jay-C, Maestro, KC lighting the mic up
Jay-C, Maestro, KC lighting the mic up.

The arty album artwork shot
The arty, album artwork shot. (Five minutes later they were all arrested.)

2 Replies to “Hiphop is alive… (on WVFS)”

  1. F@#K that! You were breathing fresh air into the lungs of the show man.
    It was an honor to have you come through!
    I’m looking forward to next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m greatful that the community stepped up and rocked out for the people.
    So much can be accomplished when people work together for honest reasons.
    Once DJ’s who play Hip Hop begin to connect independently of the system(clear channel), we can actually put the power to create a market and overall commerce for the artists we all pray can stop scrounging for change to catch the bus.
    If a DJ in Ohio has found an artist out of Ohio which is sick, he or she can forward that to me in Florida who can get that artist airplay. If that artist is ill, I can interview that artist if they are even vacationing in Florida. Creating exposure for the ill artist gives the people good food.
    Thanks for putting your money where your mouth is A to the L.
    The future is up to us all!


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