50 > Kanye

50 is better than Kanye

In Best Buy tonight when I picked up both albums…
Number of people in line with 50’s cd only: 11

Number of people in line with Kanye’s cd only: 3

Number of people in line with both: 5

On my drive home
Number of cars I heard playing the new 50 album: 4 (‘My Gun’, ‘My Gun’, ‘I’ll Still Kill’, ‘Fire’)

Number of cars I heard playing the new Kanye: 1 (‘Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – maybe it was the radio?)

My scientific study obviously shows that 50 is healthily outselling Kanye. Fuck Soundscan.

Btw – can white people stop calling 50 ‘Fiddy’? That shit is tiresome. Fo’ shizzle.

12 Replies to “50 > Kanye”

  1. I’ve been saying this for a while. Black people don’t really like Kanye and not enough white people buy cds anymore.

  2. Graduation is the sheez. i’m sure Curtis’s is aight but i already own GRODT, so ya know. plus i gots to be part of the mooooovement.

  3. Kanye is such a tit. I’m fixing to ignore both albums. His toys-out-the-pram routine has gotten pretty old now. Someone needs to take him down a notch or two. If he was in film Poitier and Denzel would have taken him to dinner by now. Rap doesn’t have a Poitier.

  4. Just when you thought a certain A to the Smell’s articles couldn’t be any more calamitous, alas, he has outdone himself. Profound stuff there once again.

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