“My flow is off the chain like it was a turd.” (WVFS 89.7fm 09/29/07)

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Peace to Synergy Raves (whoever you are) – I couldn’t think of a good picture to sum up this post, so I ganked yours.

Now lets start with a warning. This post has a lot of links to cool peoples and music, so feel free to click around till your heart’s content, THEN come back here and leave some comments.

Anyway, Saturday night (9/29), I headed up to spin on WFVS 89.7fm’s Underground Railroad show, once again accepting the gracious once-a-month invite from host Amond Jackson. I know the general feeling in our little Hiphop community is that the show is going from strength to strength, with each week seemingly surpassing the next in terms of quality, vibes, and overall good-showness, and Mr Jackson has to take the credit for this – he’s always working hard to make each show tight, and his plans for the continuing success of the show should see it continue to blaze trails in the future.

Positive language-containing ‘press blurb speak’ ends here.

So anyway the clip below is of my mix set, and my man Killa Cali from S.B.E. on the mic. I’d planned to spin for an hour or so, but the vibe with K.C. was so good (nh) that his freestyle session kept going, and going, and going to the point where my second half hour slot (a best-of-Primo type thing) was thrown on the backburner – next time for that.

(Apologies for the poor sound quality – F.S.U. needs a streaming-audio upgrade – pretend you’re listening to a cassette or something.)

Breakdown of the audio…
I set out on the first 15 mins of the mix to go waaaaaaaaaaaay back, and then gradually bring things up to date…

1) Cutmaster DC – Brooklyn’s In The House
2) Mantronix – Bassline
3) Run DMC – Is It Live?
4) T-Ski Valley – Catch The Beat
5) Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew – Keep Rising To The Top
6) Black Sheep – Flavor Of The Month
7) Masta Ace Inc – Eastbound
8) Gang Starr – Speak Ya Clout

Then we got K.C. on the mic. One of the coolest dudes I’ve met around these parts – approachable, always down to build, and fucking crazy on the mic – a plus when it comes to these little freestyle sessions that we like to throw down.

So first of all, K.C. performed a cut that he debuted at a recent meeting of F.S.U.’s chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. (video of the F.S.U. performance at the bottom of this post.) A thought-provoking piece of social commentary that touches on the Jena 6 situation and several other recent events that have made the news for all the wrong reasons, it definitely deserves a wider audience.

Following that (I mean, IMMEDIATELY following it) we went into the freestyle session. As much as all these cats in our little circle like to rock the little underground Hiphop steelo from time to time, I’d decided to take the next radio freestyle session in a different direction this time – the fact that only K.C. was here to take advantage of a shitload of Southern beats, was um… everyone else’s loss and K.C.’s gain – homeboy fucking RIPPED the mic continuously. ABL, Maestro, Jay-C, E&J, Big Lo – y’all missed out. Put on the spot, K.C. came super-correct – off the head the way it should be. Props.

With K.C. finally done, and a certain Irish old boy itching to get back on the mix, Amond dropped the leaked Wu-Tang single. As much as I love my Wu brethren… the shit is wack. Back to the drawing board, fellas.

Then Part 2 of the mix brought things bang up to date…

1) DL Incognito – Spit Forever (Remix)
2) Median – How Big Is Your World?
3) Deep Rooted – Memories
4) J*Davey – No More
5) Grand Agent & DJ Noize – G.A.
6) Ill Biskits – A Better Day
7) Count Bass D – Kumbuka Watu Penda Pese (Part 1)
8) Count Bass D – Kumbuka Watu Penda Pese (Part 2)
9) The Cool Kids – Black Mags

That Cool Kids track is bloody superb. Ya know it.

That’s it. Abrupt ending, but hey – there’s not much else to say except stay tuned for more shit like this, and more stupid videos, and maybe a review or too if I can be arsed. I have last month’s mixslot from the radio show that I haven’t thrown up yet – maybe in a couple of days, I’ll toss up a link.

K.C. at F.S.U.

7 Replies to ““My flow is off the chain like it was a turd.” (WVFS 89.7fm 09/29/07)”

  1. K-C and A2theL Ima listen to the show tonight…good looks…

    Real Irish Pride…you knooow

  2. Here is a comment from one of the cats from hiphopcartel.net about the show: WOW…im seriously impressed, you ripped the mic continuously. For real, how you do that, you practice freestyle a lot because i mean…GOT damn…nice performance on the radio and ill freestyling, few reaaaal nice lines. You seem like a laid back cool dude…do your thing.

    And if you ever bump into that DJ again, say hi to him from a fellow (real) Irishman and that he got a new listener…

    you got a new fan

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