WTFIGO? Real life edition


Summary: On his radio show, while discussing an incident in which a student shot four people at his Cleveland high school before killing himself, John Gibson asserted that “I know the shooter was white. I knew it as soon as he shot himself. Hip-hoppers don’t do that. They shoot and move on to shoot again.”


It’d be easy to put this down to white-man-with-a-stick-up-his-ass syndrome – we’ve all seen and heard this shit since the conception of Hiphop music – someone who doesn’t understand ANYTHING about Hiphop culture, and is only interested in using the most extreme examples to beat a whole culture or race with.

But for real, ladies – this is becoming too much of a phenomenon. And whether you choose to demonize 50 Cent and his ilk or not, there’s too many racist undertones to this shit for it to simply be just about Hiphop anymore. (Yeah… I know… ‘No shit, Sherlock’ on that point too – but I can’t pass up an opportunity to draw a penis on the head of someone I don’t agree with.)


Why are we not investigating Goth or Death Metal, or probing why many of these school shootings AREN’T ‘Hiphop shootings’ but instead could be tagged with the ‘Emo Rock shooting’ moniker? Is is because talking about THAT is going to make Mr and Mrs Nuclear Family uncomfortable with the fact that Chad and Chris might not just be going through a phase, but instead might be about to go Columbine on some unfortunate teachers, and that holy shit – maybe they’d have to TALK to their kids instead of throwing money at them? God forbid that they have to actually spend some quality time with their spawn, when 40 dollars and a ‘drop-off-at-the-mall-pick-you-up-at-9’ might suffice. Bad parenting is not exclusive to race and does not depend on the type of music the child listens to.


(Props to Joey for the find)

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  1. yes… of course I am… matter of fact, I’m actually online now getting some more ‘Light Easy’ Burning Crosses from…


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