A to the L’s DJ Premier Tribute Mix (WVFS 89.7fm 12/04/2007)

Me, hard at work, while the rest of em 'keep it real'

…and a superstrong freestyle session from the talented Tallahassee taskforce…

–edit– I just noticed a great big cock on the doorframe in the front of that photo above… cocks are Hiphop (but only on Tuesdays)

I’d had this Primo tribute mix planned for a slot on the station since September but the old/new school mix and the freestyle session with K.C. that went off that day overran (audio link updated), which meant I had to put the shit on hold to a later date… which just happened to be Saturday past.

So… um… here it is…

Mix Tracklist
01) Gang Starr – Mass Appeal
02) Gang Starr – The ? Remains
03) Gang Starr – Code Of The Streets
04) Gang Starr – Bust Ya Shit
05) Group Home – Livin’ Proof
06) Nas – Nas Is Like…
07) Tony Touch – The Piecemaker
08) Freddie Foxxx – R.N.S
09) Termanology – Watch How It Go Down (Instrumental)
10) Capone-N-Norega – Invincible
11) Common – The 6th Sense
12) Jeru The Damaja – D.Original
13) Big L ft Big Daddy Kane – Platinum Plus
14) Arrested Development – Ease My Mind (Primo Remix)
15) Gang Starr – Take It Personal*
16) Gang Starr – 2 Deep (City Lick Mix)
17) Jeru The Damaja – Ya Playin’ Yaself
18) Screwball – F.A.Y.B.A.N. (Instrumental)**
19) The Lox – Recognize (Instrumental)
20) The Notorious BIG – Kick In The Door (Instrumental)
21) Gang Starr – Speak Ya Clout
22) O.C. – Time’s Up***

Not really that much to say about it except that

– its a Primo mix, so you know the tracks will be illy,

– the DJ is a handsome bastard,

* going out of ‘Take It Personal’ into ‘2 Deep’ you’ll hear the audio turn to poo for a minute or so – the master recording at the station gapped out (because of a cd change out) so I pasted in the super-low quality audio stream to keep things flowing nicely, and as I’ve already pointed out to a few people, if you pretend you’re listening to a dub of a dub of a dub of your brother’s cousin’s friend’s neighbor’s cassette tape that he recorded off the radio, then you get a ‘Keeps It Really Real’ badge – hiss IS Hiphop.

** wouldn’t it be fun to slip up and play the raw version of this on air?

*** yes pedants (and paedophiles) I know this isn’t a Primo beat, but the run of all instrumentalss at the end of the mix was because I thought the emcees were ready to freestyle… instead they were mic-checking, looking moody, fixing afros, keeping it real (yo), and all other kinds of bullshit that stopped them actually stepping up to the plate, so when I ran the O.C. joint they were ready… and then they weren’t… being late for interviews (and freestyles) IS Hiphop.

So once the freestyles started, I switched beats up fairly regularly, and fun was had by all. This was probably THE super duperest freestyle session that I’ve been a part of up at the station, and K.C., Isreal, Jay-C & the CrossBreed fellas all deserve a cyber pound (nh) for their efforts. Extra props to the gracious host, the inimitable Mr Jackson , who couldn’t resist bringing some heat himself and DJ Acrojam for shouting my name very loudly, and for going out to get a Freeway CD (and for all the other station coordinator type things she does.)


Clockwise from left: Oplex, K.C., Amond Jackson, Isreal, A to the L, DJ Acrojam, Leaf, Jay-C

Same lineup with half of Oplex missing

Same lineup again with Amond Jackson being played by The Columbian Kid

Amond came out with his hands up

After the show - from left: Jay-C, DJ Acrojam, Mixtape Jeff, Isreal, K.C., A to the L

6 Replies to “A to the L’s DJ Premier Tribute Mix (WVFS 89.7fm 12/04/2007)”

  1. Haven’t listened yet… but looking at the pics, I thought you’d taken them and they were all looking and pointing at you… and then I saw little red man in the corner.
    What’s the pouty face in the last one? Did somebody stumble over your CDs? 😉

  2. I was standing on a wack emcee’s neck. For real, look at Isreal (the dude next to me) looking down at him like “WHAT!?”

    Either that or my contacts were irritating the shit out of my eyes in that fuzzy light.

    But I like the first explanation better, so lets pretend that’s what really happened.

  3. Just finished listening to the freestyle session. Some nice stuff going on in there. Good thing you sorted the wack MC out before he got to spit… 😉
    More of these, purlease.

  4. Hahahaha!

    [–edit– I just noticed a great big cock on the doorframe in the front of that photo above… cocks are Hiphop (but only on Tuesdays)]


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