Pitbull – The Anthem video

This has been out for ages, but for some reason TVT are only pushing the video now. I thought TVT had folded? Anyway, rather than just post a line saying that I’m steady re-upping all the tapes, I figured I’d put something in the post too. So here’s Pitbull.

Some of the 1st Klass, DJ MK, DJ Break, DJ Clue, Dirty Harry, Craig G and Biz Mark tapes are re-upped on Divshare and Rapidshare. Click on the Tape Rips category over there on the right or just do a google search – y’all are some bright people, I know.

And Pitbull looks like he lives in West Belfast.



Like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

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  1. Thanks to those links i just watched a load of NI dudes on drugs doing dumb nothing. Weird place if you ask me.

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