Now usually I don’t do this…

…but while viewing this delightful video and laughing at the multiple skanks all wanting to trade fluids with Plies, I noticed that one of the entrants looked a little familiar, and had something to say about her fellow competitors…

*fast forward to 2:56 (its the one after the fat chick who pulls her pants down – yes really)*

“I’m nothing like no motherfucking New York. All those girls out there on the line talking ’bout ‘I’m the next New York’… but baby, my logic is undeniable, I’ll never be a New York baby. Never. Ever.”

Doesn’t FLAVOR FLAV look pretty in his pink dress? Not content with dragging PE’s name through the mud on his own trashy shows, he now wants to be Plies’ ‘Bust It Baby’.

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