6 Replies to “One more season… 17-3 YSB”

  1. Well deserved I reckon.
    If Chelsea had won it would have been a travesty. Vidic should have been sent off along with about 4 chelsea players. I can’t watch grown men behaving like that on the most important day of their well paid job. Shit it just too silly.

    Glad Giggs scored a nice penalty and glad Ronaldo missed due to dicking about. A rare day when I support United innit?

  2. I was going to say. Are there any bigger douchebags than Ronaldo and Drogba? These dudes make Kobe look humble. Don’t get me wrong I love Drogba because he is a fucking TACTICIAN in FIFA 08, but really, fuck Man U. Rooney and his stubby little Babe Ruth girl legs.

    and what the fuck happened to Barca?

  3. Why does it say you scouse bastards when you scroll over the picture. Decent site BTW

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