Wow… quiet here, innit?


Hey… remember when I used to write 2 or 3 posts a day on this bitch? Some semblance of semi-regular blogging may make a return later this week. Hiphop is dead / boring / shit / commercial / infected with white people / the CNN of the ghetto (delete as applicable) so its made it increasingly difficult to be arsed with writing anything about any of it. Sorry fan(s).

A couple of albums have restored my faith in this battered genre however, and in the next outing I will endeavour to tell you all about them. I might also finish off a post about some beats that I have been writing for around a year and a half and never got around to finishing.

What has everyone been listening to lately? I’ve mainly been spinning old 80s and 90s radio shows, Beastie Boys albums, and tons of reggae. What’s floating y’alls musical boats right now?

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  1. 60s Jazz, some Soul, rock with drums, a bit of hardcore and jungle. The only newish Hiphop I’ve been playing is Re-Up and that Young Gunz tune from earlier in the year. That “Scenario” original mix that Robbie posted is pretty nuts. Lots of Dungeon Family stuff from a while back… I want some Timb/Danja stuff with decent rappers on and some Mr. DJ produced stuff.

    Seems like the internet got a bit boring recently as well. Whats up with that? Where you waste your time at?

  2. hey,

    this is nofutureface, hailing from the west coast of fix city, me and my homie, dj usdneedls just released a new EP that might be to your liking. definitely trying to bring something fresh to this stagnant party called hip-hop. check us out at or at our myspace page at……if youse likes, let me know and ill mail you a copy free of charge! thanks and much peace….


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