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The Package

An old rmhh head hit me up a few days ago to share some info on a crew he was repping called The Package. One of the recent tracks, ‘Making Waves’ has just been remixed by Kev Brown and is getting spins from Pete Rosenberg on his late night Hot 97 show… matter of fact the track impressed Rosenberg so much he ended up directing the video. Myspace blurb, track, and behind-the-scenes video to follow – keep an eye on these cats… I’m feeling this shit a lot.

The Package is the embodiment of HIP HOP in a time where HIP POP is the norm. Dimensions, Noyeek the Grizzly Bear and Theory are all members of DC’s INFINITE LOOP, a superior collection of MC’s, DJ’s and producers who ruled the DC underground during the late 90’s and the better part of this decade. These three remaining members have joined forces once again to launch an all out assault on the airwaves above and below the radar with incredible, prolific rhymes over a bed of sonic gems provided by Theory.

On the mic, Dimensions exudes an aura of authority combined with intelligent rhymes that tell you how it was, how it is and how it could be. His partner in rhyme Noyeek is a Staten Island, New Yorker whose performance energy captures listeners, whether in person or on CD. Theory doesn’t rhyme but is by no means a silent member – as the sole producer for The Package, he mixed and mastered the entire album and does the majority of production on Dimensions’ and Noyeek’s solo projects. His beats are intense compositions that stimulate the imagination to the point where they become auditory cinema.

The Package offers you free downloads of hits from their album ‘New Golden Era” at WWW.NEWGOLDENERA.COM to wet your appetite for what’s to come! You also get TWO bonus tracks- “D-Dot”, Dimensions’ first single reppin’ the hometown, DC and “Ambulance”, a single from Noyeek the Grizzly Bear’s forthcoming sophomore album “EAR-tertainment.”

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The Package – Making Waves (Kev Brown Remix)

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