WVFS 89.7 – Rock The Bells Fill-In show…

A to the L & Jay-C - WVFS Rock The Bells Mix

Exactly what it says above…

While DJ Acrojam, Isreal and E&J absconding to Miami to take in the ‘Rock The Bells’ concert it was left to Jay-C and myself to hold down The Underground Railroad in Tallahassee (with help from Stone, Kam and Jeff).

DJ A to the L
The Underground Railroad, live on WVFS 89.7 (Rock The Bells Fill-In Show)

Download link here (Right click and save)

What you get – 2 and a half hours of 80’s and 90’s classics spun by moi, while trying to transition between tracks as quickly as possible to deal with requests, a call from Amond Jackson from his new spot in the ATL, and a superb freestyle from head honcho Stone.

For this audio what you need to do is picture yourself back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when you used to listen to Red Alert, Stretch, and (still good) Funkmaster Flex… you ran your tape and you didn’t care about a little static in the process, right? That’s what I need you to do here – as the WVFS stream is busted right now, I had to bootleg the shit at home, and since I live so far outside the city I get a little interference on my signal which means that some of this is a little rugged… so until I get a better quality version of this audio (which I should do because it was recorded at the station) you’ll have to make do with this lesser quality joint…

Mental note to self… must exercise hands more, my fingers are locked up and my scratching was assenholen….

Oh yeah… who needs expensive concerts in Miami?

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