Blazin’ 102.3 Audio – 10/5/08

A to the L on Blazin' 102.3

Bloody hell, I’ve barely posted anything on here for over a month.

Anyway… first Sunday of every month… you know how we do… Blazin’ 102.3 – Diggin’ In The Crates – Stess, E-Zone, and A to the L… blah blah blah…

This show, E-Zone went to the East Coast and I took it to the West. I span (spun / spinned) at V89 on Saturday and went from the usual mixing and blending to the rapidfire selection steelo (audio of that in a bit too), and I had so much fun doing it I figured I might end up doing in on Sunday’s Blazin’ show.

Listening back to this, I’m very concious of a couple of things…

1) E-Zone kicked my ass this week… no matter how much fun I had, good mixing shits all over crashing shit together. Back to normal next time for moi.

2)) I need a new laptop… every time I fuck up I’m blaming my old laptop which can’t stand the strain of me abusing Serato’s cuepoints so quickly. My screen refreshes too slowly and there’s a delay between keypressing and anything actually happening. Matter of fact, from here on out, I think I’ll use that excuse for every screw up on beatmatching & blends, curse words slipping into the mix, dead air, and all other major calamaties.

If you want to hear shit LIVE… then listen in using the link below, every Sunday between 8pm and 10pm.

Alternatively you can listen live HERE.

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  1. I agree. It’s totally crap. Plus the guy who runs it is a complete moron. Thank God I posted this comment on his site so that all 5 people who regularly check it will know!

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