More WVFS audio 10/18/08


This may well turn into a weekly posting. Check out the audio below for a mix of NBA-related beats, UK stuff, phone calls from crew members, carcrash mixing, and general tomfoolery regarding MC Ren. Yes.

DJ A to the L
The Underground Railroad, live on WVFS 89.7 (10/18/08)

Download link here (Right click and save)

2 Replies to “More WVFS audio 10/18/08”

  1. hey A to the L… its ILL
    hit me up i got a question for ya man! my partner in crime babybubba is making a R&B blog and he wanted to know if youll make him a banner. i have a picture of the Soul Train logo i have for ya to fuck around with if youre up to the challenge lol. thank you so much! be easy fam. 1

  2. yo, a to the l
    yo, i seen a comment u left on that craig g joint on my site, recogize the real.
    i didnt jack that from u, somebody sent that to me. i think u got the wrong idea about me.
    those stretch & bob joints, i didnt jack any from strecth. matter of fact stretch gave me mad props of what i posted of him.

    if u can we can talk, just to see where we comin from. i have connects from NYC that gives me some stuff as well. i dont jack from anyone. if my peeps have some stuff they send it to me. i dont ask to see where they got it from. unless its from a direct source that i actually know.

    but please bro, lets talk. whatever u think about me, thats not me.
    holla at me if u can.

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